Monday, November 12, 2018

A Visit...

These following words came as I sat at my adoration time...
"Do not run away!
You are the living Body of Christ
stay your ground
Fight against the evil brought to Light!
You are the hands, the feet, the heart and the mind of Christ.
Jesus is the Head of the Body-
Do not abandon Him."

                by Peter Herbeck
(published in the RENEWAL  ministries Oct. newsletter)

One morning during Mass, right after Communion,
I sensed the Lord telling me to write down in my journal
the following:
"The days ahead will be marked by growing chaos and confusion.
I am coming to purify my Church. I am about to bring down the idols
that hold my people in bondage;
I will expose the hypocrisy of the mighty and the strong,
both in the Church and in the world."

Peter continues...
It is important for us to understand Jesus' intent. He
doesn't come to humiliate or to destroy; He comes to save.
St. Peter tells us that judgement begins with the house of
God. Jesus is purifying His Church for the sake of the
salvation of the world. The Church is the hope of the world,
the sacrament of salvation, the light of the world.
When the Church is trapped in sin, her light goes dim and her salt goes flat.

We have nothing to fear if we put our hope in Him.
It's not our job to secure all the potential consequences
that may transpire from a radical response to Jesus at this time.
Our job is to obey and to entrust everything to His
mercy and love, and to the protection and intercession of Our Lady.

Jesus said,"I am the light of the world, he who follows me
will not walk in darkness but will have the light of life" (John 8:12)
Even in the greatest darkness, we can walk in the Light.

Wednesday, October 24, 2018



 Matt 10:27
"What I say to you in the darkness speak in the light, says the lord;
What you hear whispered, proclaim on the housetops!"

The alarm clock had been set for 7 a.m.
Feeling tired at bedtime,I sought an extra hours sleep.
However, I was awakened much earlier this morning.
As I laid there, a prayer was offered for anyone needing a prayer.
Our Franciscan monks had taught us that one Hail Mary could save a life at any moment,
and prayer is especially needed during the night hours when a person may be in distress.

Looking at the clock, the time was around 3:30 a.m.
I heard a whispered voice speak these words...

My prayer has been for the well being and welcoming of those who are refugees.
Those families who have left their countries seeking asylum and safety in another area. 

1 Peter 4:8-11
...put your gifts at the service of one another,
each in the measure he/ she has received.
The one who speaks is to deliver the message...
the one who serves is to do it with the strength
provided by God.
Thus, in all of you, God is to be glorified 
through Jesus Christ

Often , we sing a song  within the celebration of the Mass called 


Here in this place a new light is streaming,
now is the darkness vanished away,
See in this space our fears and our dreamings, 
brought here to you in the light of this day.
Gather us in- the lost and forsaken,
Gather us in- the blind and the lame;
Call to us now and we shall awaken,
we shall arise at the sound of our name.

We are the young  -our lives are a mystery,
we are the old -who yearn for your face,
We have been sung throughout  all of history
called to be light to the whole human race.
Gather us in- the rich and the haughty,
Gather us in -the proud and the strong;
Give us a heart so meek and so lowly.
Give us the courage to enter the song.

              Marty Haugen

Wednesday, October 10, 2018

God "rights" in crooked lines...


It sounds so strange to say, that
"when I am  looking for something, I find what I need
 instead of what I was looking for!"

Of course , for myself, and maybe for you also,this change of Season 
brings us to many of the chores and changes we need to put into place
 for the coming months of winter. 
Along with getting the car winter-ready, changing the summer clothes over
 for the cooler weather ones, stocking up on a few supplies that may be too
heavy to handle in the wintertime, trying to get all the doctor, dentist ,etc.
appointments done, and, hopefully over, there were other  
things needing my attention.
These Seasonal changes also affect my body, mind, emotional and spiritual well being,
as I understand, happens to many others.
Life can suddenly seem too overwhelming!
Now this has been happening for a great many years and I do become 
aware of the symptoms more quickly as time goes on, thank You God!
I am able to reach out with more trust and confidence, knowing that this too, shall pass.

Recently, after receiving the Sacrament of Reconciliation, I also was given the Grace
of knowing what was the root cause of this suffering!
I am claiming this healing of my "inner-child "now, with this witness!

As I sit here, my glance now falls upon the pamphlet beside me...
"Infant of Prague Novena."
"JESUS,you decided to become a child,
and I'm coming to you full of trust.
I believe that your attentive love
forestalls all my needs."

Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A RESPONSE TO "The men's letter to the Pope"


The following article is taken from a blog entry written in December 12, 2016.
To understand the following , please read the original text...
"Gift of knowledge"


Rise up O' men of God
His Kingdom tarries long...
Have done with lesser things
Give heart and soul and mind and strength
to serve the King of Kings!

Rise up O' men of God
His Kingdom tarries long;
Bring in the day of Brotherhood
and end the night of wrong!

Rise up O' men of God
The Church for you does wait!
Sent forth to serve the needs of men
In Christ our strength is great!
Lift high the Cross of Christ!
Tread where His feet have trod
As brothers of the Son of Man,
Rise up O' men of God!

Wm. Pierson Merrill
Author  1911

Friday, August 17, 2018



August 15, 2018
Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

Prayer...resting in God...simply relaxed in Presence-
"You are here!"
and I, whisper delicately, a prayer conversation;
It comes easily,
I am with the Spirit's movement...
No haste,
at ease;
a prayer conversation comes so normally!
All is well and in it's proper place-
no need for even a concern-
A feeling that my thoughts and words are His/Hers
and we are One.
there is separation between us.
 I am not on any "schedule",
the time stands still and we are One
"Be still and Know...I Am God"
My Heart is your heart,
My time is your time-we become One
as it was "In the beginning"
Receiving the Gift of Union

How, Father, can I continue to remain in You, 
as You remain in me this way?
Thank You for these Gifted Moments of your Presence.
Is this a Gift from Mary on this Feast day?
Oh! "Holy Spirit! Stay with me! Please stay"
"Do not leave me- I beg you! Linger here."

God, what is your desire for me?

"To have you as My own!"

I too, desire to come back to you with all my heart!
I remember the early days of so much love ,desire and peace that
you poured into my heart and soul-
that I groaned within with so much of your Love!
Please help me and draw me again into Your deep Loving Heart.

I need to re-think how I could avoid busy-ness and the anxiety that it provokes.
I need to slow down and bring more of my wants and needs to You.
Are you asking me to lift a hidden issue to you in the light of prayer?
"Do not let me scurry and run away-  
 or read too fast as if greedy and a glutton for knowledge.
My thoughts do not always follow through with the actions
I need you, Jesus...
Stay with me, Lord!"

F E A R has two meanings

F  E  A  R

F  E  A  R has two meanings...

Forget   Erase  And   Run!

Face  Engage   And   Rise!

Thursday, August 16, 2018



LOGIC the science or art of reasoning.

These  next words came and were heard  so if a parent sternly speaking to a child


"Let My Words hang in the air-
You will hear in the Silence, what is said on the roof-tops!
What was hidden, will be revealed.
It will all be revealed. Nothing can be hidden from My eyes!
What is done in the dark, will be seen in the Light".
"My Word will never pass away!"
The Mother is "the Church."
The Church has been defiled from within
My Church, my mother torn apart, tattered...
battered from within- stained, profaned from within-
where, how- who will clean the wounds?

I seek your acts of penance for the reconciliation of 
the Body of Christ, who suffers like a mother at a lost child !
Rachael- once again cries for Her children...
The Body of Christ is broken!