Wednesday, September 5, 2018

A RESPONSE TO "The men's letter to the Pope"


The following article is taken from a blog entry written in December 12, 2016.
To understand the following , please read the original text...
"Gift of knowledge"


Rise up O' men of God
His Kingdom tarries long...
Have done with lesser things
Give heart and soul and mind and strength
to serve the King of Kings!

Rise up O' men of God
His Kingdom tarries long;
Bring in the day of Brotherhood
and end the night of wrong!

Rise up O' men of God
The Church for you does wait!
Sent forth to serve the needs of men
In Christ our strength is great!
Lift high the Cross of Christ!
Tread where His feet have trod
As brothers of the Son of Man,
Rise up O' men of God!

Wm. Pierson Merrill
Author  1911

Friday, August 17, 2018



August 15, 2018
Feast of the Assumption of Mary into Heaven

Prayer...resting in God...simply relaxed in Presence-
"You are here!"
and I, whisper delicately, a prayer conversation;
It comes easily,
I am with the Spirit's movement...
No haste,
at ease;
a prayer conversation comes so normally!
All is well and in it's proper place-
no need for even a concern-
A feeling that my thoughts and words are His/Hers
and we are One.
there is separation between us.
 I am not on any "schedule",
the time stands still and we are One
"Be still and Know...I Am God"
My Heart is your heart,
My time is your time-we become One
as it was "In the beginning"
Receiving the Gift of Union

How, Father, can I continue to remain in You, 
as You remain in me this way?
Thank You for these Gifted Moments of your Presence.
Is this a Gift from Mary on this Feast day?
Oh! "Holy Spirit! Stay with me! Please stay"
"Do not leave me- I beg you! Linger here."

God, what is your desire for me?

"To have you as My own!"

I too, desire to come back to you with all my heart!
I remember the early days of so much love ,desire and peace that
you poured into my heart and soul-
that I groaned within with so much of your Love!
Please help me and draw me again into Your deep Loving Heart.

I need to re-think how I could avoid busy-ness and the anxiety that it provokes.
I need to slow down and bring more of my wants and needs to You.
Are you asking me to lift a hidden issue to you in the light of prayer?
"Do not let me scurry and run away-  
 or read too fast as if greedy and a glutton for knowledge.
My thoughts do not always follow through with the actions
I need you, Jesus...
Stay with me, Lord!"

F E A R has two meanings

F  E  A  R

F  E  A  R has two meanings...

Forget   Erase  And   Run!

Face  Engage   And   Rise!

Thursday, August 16, 2018

Is it possible for any one group of persons to "police" itself honestly, properly and openly?


LOGIC the science or art of reasoning.

These  next words came and were heard  so if a parent sternly speaking to a child


"Let My Words hang in the air-
You will hear in the Silence, what is said on the roof-tops!
What was hidden, will be revealed.
It will all be revealed. Nothing can be hidden from My eyes!
What is done in the dark, will be seen in the Light".
"My Word will never pass away!"
The Mother is "the Church."
The Church has been defiled from within
My Church, my mother torn apart, tattered...
battered from within- stained, profaned from within-
where, how- who will clean the wounds?

I seek your acts of penance for the reconciliation of 
the Body of Christ, who suffers like a mother at a lost child !
Rachael- once again cries for Her children...
The Body of Christ is broken!


Saturday, August 11, 2018



Richard, my brother, left us...only to meet us, once again,
in another realm, at another time!
Here, we seem to call that "leaving,"  a death...but there is no death!
It's only a dying.
For God is a God of the living!
And the living exist in His Eternal Presence.

I do grieve, for we only had met less than a year ago.
It was too short a time for me!
Yet, there is a Divine Plan that I do not know or understand about this story,
except to say that we will be together again in that  Eternal
realm. So I am blessed for the "miracle" that brought us together for 
one year and three visits.
His "quest," was to know his father's name...and it was met here.
He also had a picture of his father, met his sister and found his own family!
My "quest" was to meet my brother and to  be at peace knowing
 that he was in the right place with God. 

June 19, 2018 Richard, my brother, died from cancer within his bones and lungs ,
received from the chemical "Agent Orange", that was used by the U.S. Government while he was 
in Vietnam as a soldier in the Marine Corps.
 Since my childhood days, I was told that I had a brother ten years younger than myself.
 I was shown a picture of a little boy about 3 or 4 years old.
I cannot go into all the details, only to say that my own father had left our family and our home.
He had fathered a son and I was shown the picture.
 Nothing was ever mentioned again, as secrets were kept 
within the "family walls".

Time has a way of healing those secrets!
Throughout my life of schooling, nurses training, marriage and childbearing,
I would have a lingering memory occasionally..."I have a brother somewhere,
...I wonder if he is all right, if he needs help, if he's healthy"?
As years went by, the thought became an audible notification.
When my husbands last days were coming closer, the thoughts and longings
persisted more often.

I had been praying for the generational healing of our family tree and all it's members,praying
 along with a book written by Fr. Hempsh, 'Healing the Family Tree".

 My daughters heard my need and brought it to light, saying "Mom, we've
heard you, how can we help?"
For two years we searched the "paper trail" and ended up closer to nowhere.
We watched the T.V. shows of families being re-united and decided 
that was not the way for us to go.
So we followed the trail to and sent for the DNA testing kit and waited.
It was only a few months  when I received a notice of an 98% chance of a cousin relative.
I knew it was my brother!
His name was Richard Gabaree. An unfamiliar name.

Too emotionally touched, I asked my daughter to answer the request.
The E-mails went back and forth,... he wasn't sure that he wanted to proceed.
He had given up 20 years ago looking for his father's name,
but every so often would look in on his ancestry page.
Here we were in August  and his last connection was in May.
He said that his birth mother had written him before she died in 1995
and had written his father's name, but he wasn't caring then, and put it aside.
 He thought he might still have the letter.
If the name on the letter matched the name  we would send, then
we could plan to meet together.
Meanwhile, he sent a picture! There was a strong family resemblance!
I knew he was my brother.

We met here at my home.
The tension of my emotions were so strong!
So many questions flowing through my mind!
 So much was unknown...would he welcome us as family?
Would he be angry or accepting of us?

Richard brought his daughter Kendra along. She was his constant caregiver.
We were comfortable right away after the initial greeting.
Somehow, they felt like family right away, and he love was genuine.
Richard told us stories of his adoption into a large family, the war, his wounds  in the battles,
the resulting cancer in his bones and lungs, the insults he endured on coming home to the U. S.,
 he showed pictures of the families he had raised...
he never once showed any anger of his past difficulties of life.
He recounted that in the Vietnam  war he had saved the life of a brother Marine.
He shared his difficulty and feelings with us when he was told that he was adopted.
He was so open and honest with us and shared how he felt seeing his father's pictures,
looking for a similarity  of features to himself.
The time together seemed to go by so fast; we all agreed to meet another time
and to stay in touch with each other.
We had two more visits and it seemed obvious that his health
was deteriorating quickly.
The doctors would give him 3 months before the lining of his lungs would
 not expand enough to take in the oxygen needed for him to survive.
We had a short time of conversing via e mail;
then, silence for a month.
No one was answering the emails or phone calls to Richard.
We didn't have a way of contacting the family.
I knew what the family was attending to at that time.

The Funeral Mass was celebrated at Our Lady of Grace Catholic church
with a Military escort to the cemetery for burial.

 Three weeks later we came together with Kendra again, and met Richard's wife, Sandra.
We shared many tender moments together that day... we laughed and we cried, as Sandra told us stories
and shared her memories .
We also shared our faith stories about God's infinite goodness in our lives...
and those times of little miracles that happened.
We all became closer, more loving and thankful for our family togetherness!

Thursday, July 26, 2018

WHY BEGIN YOUR DAY with broken pieces ? Grace is better !


"Don't start your day with broken pieces of yesterday!
Every day is a fresh start.
Each day a new beginning.
Every day we wake up
is the first day of our new life."

This truth came across from Facebook and spoke clearly about
leaving my baggage of the day behind  me at day's end, so as
not to carry anything forward.

A few years now, on and off, I have been praying the 5 steps of the St. Ignatius
of Loyola, "Spiritual Daily Examen."..G...R...A...C...E.
 Taking only 10-15 minutes at the most, it is usually done at the end of each day.
There are 5 steps...
Asking the Holy Spirit to teach me to pray, I begin...

O Holy Spirit,soul of my soul, I adore you.
Enlighten, guide, strengthen and console me.
Tell me what to do and command me to do it. 
I promise to be faithful to all you permit to happen to me.
Show me only what is your will. 

 Holy Spirit guide me into the Quiet Space of God.

Choose a Sacred word to keep your focus...
returning to the sacred word, gently, when thoughts enter in.
 This place of peace will increase
as you keep this daily time with Jesus

G   R   A   C   E
The daily Examin,
A Conversation with God.

GRATITUDE:  for the the day's gifts and blessings...recall in thanksgiving the blessings of the day,
you're God moments, praising GOD.

                       REQUEST:   ask for  God's gift of  Understanding upon the day's actions as He would
have you see it.    Make this a "prayer- conversation" with God the Father...

ACKNOWLEDGE :   your actions throughout the day; 
telling JESUS details of some things that occurred,
how you felt,what you were thinking...what you may or could have done differently;
have a conversation with Him.
CHART:  a course of daily change for the better; or stay the course you are on.
Here, make an act of contrition and a resolution for change, if needed.
ENTREAT:  God for energy and enthusiasm for tomorrow and
ask for the  help of His Grace to carry out any changes.

GRACE: will be given as we continue each day, to be able to see any
patterns that may need to be corrected.
The daily examen will eventually lead to living a life of Transformation  with Jesus Christ.
This is a good guide toward preparation for the monthly Sacrament of Reconciliation,also.
It is up to God to give the Grace of enlightenment and a true resolve to change.
We cannot  do this alone.
We need Jesus' help.

A good guide pamphlet that helps me enter into this place of prayer
can be found on the St. Joseph's welcome table in our Church entry.
Cardinal Mercier's

St. Ignatius Examination with Fr. Timothy Gallagher OVM
can be found on YOUTUBE

Friday, June 8, 2018


I am always amazed at God's timing and
 how He puts the answers to unasked questions into view.
Here is what was found (but not lost,) until the exact moment it was needed!
Another part of the picture presents itself for future teaching.

This following reflection seemed to speak to me of a great change that will come 
according to what the next Life Lesson may be.!

Fr. Jarrett(+ 1934) was a Dominican priest from England known
 for his preaching,lectures and his many books
 on theology and spirituality.


                 Father Bede Jarrett, O.P.

It is perfectly obvious that if I am so blessed by the gifts of the Spirit, that I find my reason, will, and emotions made increasedly perceptive of divine currents previously lost to me, I can hardly help acting in a new way.
I now discover the view about me, and, consequently, my manner of life must in some ways be different from before. 
The vision has come; it cannot simply open my eyes to new things in life without
thereby altering that very life itself. 
Not only shall I find that what seemed to me before to be evil now appears to me to be a blessing;
but on that very account, what before I tried to avoid, or, having got,tried to be rid of, I shall
now accept, perhaps even seek. Similarly, whereas then I was weak, now I am strong;
 and increase of strength means new activities,  new energy put into the old work and
 finding its way into works altogether new.
My emotions, finally, which imperiled and dominated my life, slip now into a subordinate position and, 
while thereby as actively employed as before, are held under discipline.
It is clear, therefore, that the gifts will not leave me where I was before,
but will influence my actions as well as alter my vision. I find, then,
 that these new habits will develop into new activities. But this means also that I have
 a new idea as to the means of achieving the full happiness of life. 
Once upon a time I thought happiness meant comfort; now I see that it means something quite different.
 My view of happiness has changed. I am therefore obliged to change also my idea 
as to the means and conditions whereby, and in which, happiness can be found.